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सार्वजनिक सुट्या 2013
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सात-बारा बघणे
मिळकत पत्रिका बघणे
नागरिकांची सनद
जिल्हा पुरवठा अधिकारी कार्यालय

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Self Rule is our birthright, and We shall have it. Self Rule is our birthright, and We shall have it.
Bal Gangadhar Tilak
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Know Weather at Ratnagiri [Maharashtra]
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MUMBAI Borivali 0530 Hrs
Vasai 0730 Hrs
Bhivandi 0700 Hrs
Vittalwadi 0800 Hrs
Nalasopara 0915 Hrs
Purnagad Mumbai 0930 Hrs
Mumbai 1100 Hrs
Vetye Parel 1830 Hrs
Bhivandi 1900 Hrs
Purnagad 1930 Hrs
Borivali 2000 Hrs
Ambolagad 2030 Hrs
Harcheparel 2045 Hrs
Mumbai 2100 Hrs
Mumbai 2200 Hrs
PUNE Pune [Via Chiplun] 0600 Hrs
Pune [Via Bhor] 0745 Hrs
Pune [Via Chinswad/Bhor] 0700 Hrs
Pune [Via Kolhapur] [From Rajapur]   *[Seasonal] 1945 Hrs
Pune [Via Kolhapur] 2015 Hrs
Pune [Via Chiplun]          *[Seasonal] 2100 Hrs
Pune [Via Chinswad/Kokrud] 2130 Hrs
SHIRDI [Seasonal] Shirdi [Via Pune]            *[Seasonal] 1745 Hrs             TOP
KOLHAPUR Akkalkot/Solapur 0515 Hrs
Jat 0530 Hrs
Ambejogai 0830 Hrs
Kolhapur 0845 Hrs
Nursihawadi 0900 Hrs
Kolhapur 0930 Hrs
Kolhapur [From Ganpatipule] 0950 Hrs
Kolhapur 1030 Hrs
Kolhapur 1100 Hrs
Kolhapur 1200 Hrs
Kolhapur 1230 Hrs
Kolhapur 1300 Hrs
Ichalkaranji 1330 Hrs
Islampur 1415 Hrs
Gargoti 1430 Hrs
Kolhapur 1445 Hrs
Tasgaon 1600 Hrs
Akkalkot 1700 Hrs
Kolhapur 1745 Hrs
Kolhapur [From Ganpatipule] 1800 Hrs
SANGLI Sangli [Via Kolhapur] 0600 Hrs
MIRAJ Miraj [Via Kolhapur] 0800 Hrs
Via Kolhapur
Belgaum 0700 Hrs
Vijapur 1000 Hrs
Belgaum 1400 Hrs
Belgaum 1500 Hrs
Vijapur 1900 Hrs
Vijapur 2030 Hrs
Sindhagi 0730 Hrs
GANPATIPULE Ganpatipule 0530 Hrs           TOP
Ganpatipule 0645 Hrs
Ganpatipule 0730 Hrs
Ganpatipule 0815 Hrs
Ganpatipule 0845 Hrs
Ganpatipule 0915 Hrs
Ganpatipule 1015 Hrs
Ganpatipule 1040 Hrs
Ganpatipule 1115 Hrs
Ganpatipule 1130 Hrs
Ganpatipule 1245 Hrs
Ganpatipule 1330 Hrs
Ganpatipule 1415 Hrs
Ganpatipule 1500 Hrs
Ganpatipule 1530 Hrs
Ganpatipule 1600 Hrs
Ganpatipule 1615 Hrs
Ganpatipule 1800 Hrs
Ganpatipule 1900 Hrs
Ganpatipule 1930 Hrs
PAWAS Swami Swaroopanand Temple,Pawas 0700 Hrs
Swami Swaroopanand Temple,Pawas 0915 Hrs
Swami Swaroopanand Temple,Pawas 1140 Hrs
Swami Swaroopanand Temple,Pawas 1245 Hrs
Swami Swaroopanand Temple,Pawas 1620 Hrs
Swami Swaroopanand Temple,Pawas 1915 Hrs
» Buses are available towards Pawas at every 10minutes. Distance from Pawas S.T Bus stand to
   Pawas Temple is 1.5Km.
» RATNAGIRI DARSHAN [Seasonal] daily at 0800Hrs [Pawas Temple, Ganpatipule, Jaigad, 
   Karateshwar  locations are covered]. For your convenience, before planning tour, passengers may
   confirm the schedule with S.T Enquiry.

Attention Please
: The bus schedules marked "Seasonal", are operational only during Tourist Season.
                            For more information, contact the below Bus Station.
» Contact Details
Divisonal Controller Office
Malnaka, Opposite Hotel Vihar Deluxe
Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
Pin - 415 612
Phone Number :- 02352-223510
» Enquiry S.T Bus Stand - Ratnagiri    [Reservation Facility Available]
BUS STAND IN-CHARGE (Asst. Traffic Superintendent)
S.T Bus Stand
Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
Pin - 415 612
Phone Number :- 02352-222340
» Enquiry S.T Bus Stand - Rajapur
Phone Number :- 02353-222029
» Enquiry S.T Bus Stand - Lanja
Phone Number :- 02351-230022
» Enquiry S.T Bus Stand - Devruk
Phone Number :- 02354-240038
» Enquiry S.T Bus Stand - Chiplun
Phone Number :- 02355-252003
» Enquiry S.T Bus Stand - Guhagar
Phone Number :- 02359-240226
» Enquiry S.T Bus Stand - Khed
Phone Number :- 02356-263026
» Enquiry S.T Bus Stand - Dapoli
Phone Number :- 02358-282003
» Enquiry S.T Bus Stand - Mandangad
Phone Number :- 02350-225226
» Enquiry S.T Bus Stand - Ganpatipule   [Reservation Facility Available]
Phone Number :- 02352-235242
» Enquiry S.T Bus Stand - Pawas   [Reservation Facility Available]
Phone Number :- 02352-237242
‹‹ The above information is provided by O/o The Divisional Controller, State Transport, Ratnagiri. In case of doubt or query users/viewers are requested to refer to the concerned Department. ››
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